New Filefish sawn!

April 12, 2011

Two days ago, I  was diving at “Punta del Río”, when suddenly i saw something in the blue that called my attention. Unicorn FilefishThat was by the time i remembered my friend David Shilham that send my a picture, a couple of months ago, of a  strange Filefish for the area, that he saw while diving in Lanzarote, one next Island. Anyway, as my costumers were not aware of what they were seeing, i ask one of them for his camera and started a race into the blue trying to catch one of these 4 shy Filefish trying to swimm away from us. I even had to use a bit of the zoom to get a shot where to see  fairly the fish.

It end up being a Unicorn Filefish:  Aluterus Monoceros

Here in the Canary Islands, we have 2 type of  Filefish:

Scrawled Filefish


Aluterus Scriptus, locally known as “Gallo azul”, and as Srawled Filefish in english, and



Plainhead Filefish


Stephanolepis Hispidus, locally known as “Gallito” and as Planehead Filefish in english.



Taking to a frined of mine that´s been here for 13 years already, told me he has seen this fish before in a copuple of oportunities.  It may happened that eggs of this Indo-Pacific type of  Filefish came with a fishing boat. That´s why, when they have been seen before, they don´t last much at the spot. They may leave or die because of the lower water temperature.

Or, it could be one of the slow consequences of the Global Warming.

I don´t know? Who knows? Please let us know your opinion.


Carlos & Anita

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