New pools to rinse your equipment!

June 7, 2011

Hey ya,  let us introduce you our new Water piles! Finally looking forward into our 3rd season, we could change our old plastic pools that for 13 years have served faithfully rinsing equipment of hundreds of happy clients.

No more confusions on which goes regs or equipment, and no more bendings with our new rustic style water pools tailored and ergonometric made.

From now on we have 3 different rinsing pools; one exclusively for cameras, another one for regs, mascs and computers, and the biggest, to avoid confusions, for the rest of the equipment.  On the their opposite side we made a small wall that help us diving the dry and wet areas,  and also keeps our classic photo collage (now bigger) and our news panel.

We wanted to thank our costumers that were here while the works and for the inauguration: Pablo Cabrera, Mariano de Luna, Stephane Muller, Julio Martin, the actor Eduardo Velasco and avery special thanx to our friend, student and bricklayer that did it all: Dani Medina.

To all of you with love, Anita & Carlos. See you soon!

Dani, Eduardo y Carlos

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