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Mantas, Pilot Whales and Hammerheads

June 30, 2009

These past two weeks the water has reached 23 degrees. Considering that the water temperature usually reaches a max of 25 degrees around El Hierro, this year may be one of the warmest in recent years as the temperature continues to climb until September.

We have had more reports of Mantas spotted on dives and also we recieved news from a local fisherman that he saw a Hammerhead shark swimming on the surface close to shore. Nobody has had the luck to spot one diving yet this recent sighting sounds promising.

To top it off last Sunday a number of Dive Centres here in La Restinga saw a family of Pilot Whales swiming just outside Reserve of Mar de las Calmas. Some friends at one centre even managed to jump into the water and get close enough to take some photos of these beautiful creatures. What an experience!


First Manta of 2009 spotted at La Herradura

May 12, 2009

We spotted a manta ray today at La Herradura.  20 mins into the dive the Manta birostris appeared.  Aproximatly 2.5m wide it swam amongst the group for over 20mins before dissapearing into the blue.

Mantas are regularly seen in El Hierro usually from May to September.  For more info on Mantas check out