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The volcano is over!

March 7, 2012

And finally reached one of the most awaited news for all of La Restinga and perhaps the entire island…

The volcano has been switched off and after nearly 5 months of eruption, has left a thick layer of nutrients on the seabed which represent a special fertilizer.

Right now the Mar de Las Calmas has become the only natural laboratory in the world and we are privileged to witness its evolution.  In October 2011 the underwater eruption began and the Mar de las Calmas lived one of the worst crises ever had, losing almost all the life that lived there. Seems like another irony of fate, that this happened right on one of the richest areas of marine flora and fauna and in one of the most better cared and managed Marine Reserve of Spain. But this layer of nutrients and the large amount of algae on the bottom, is the perfect combination for the beginning of an explosion of life. Quickly, we can see at the bottom a big amount of  larvae of many species and apparently many eggs left had survived and now are popping up. We’re not going to lie and say it’s full of fish, because it is not. But it is a good chance to observe how quickly life regenerates and breaks through.

In the last days we’ve done a couple of dives in the area affected by the stain,  and we missed our beloved parrotfish, trumpet fish, triggerfish, but we have seen alevines and juveniles of damselfish, wrasse, groups of cow and white breams. We have also seen specimens of groupers, chubs, snake eels, morey eels, stingrays, butterfly rays and larger groupsopf zebra breams, etc… Should be highligthed that we saw the Sand Tiger Shark (never seen at this time of the year and with this temperature (19,5ºC)) and the Captain Grouper from la Herradura!

Anyway, everyone is invited to come and see how life makes its way back, and we very refreshed and rested and very looking forward to return to work!)

See ya soon!

Anita, Carlos, Candela and Marina



Whale Shark in El Hierro

July 8, 2009

The Whale Shark has arrived in Mar de las Calmas in La Restinga and hopefully will be with us for the next while!!

This morning, while moored at the Punta Lajial Buoy, another Dive Centre, that had been diving near by,  shouted to us…

“We’ve just been diving with a Whale Shark!”

We quickly set off in search, but as luck would have it, by the time we arrived it was gone.   As many divers know with the Whale Shark when you go searching for them, you rarely find.  It’s usually when you least expect it that this beautiful creature appears!

The Whale Shark was approximately 6m long and was very close to the dive buoy and the surface.  For sure it was an unforgettable experience for those who got kitted up extra quick and had the luck to dive face to face with the largest fish in the sea.

But what’s great is that it’s here now and with a little luck we too will have the opportunity to play a leading part in the one of the many surprises that our underwater world has to offer….


Mantas, Pilot Whales and Hammerheads

June 30, 2009

These past two weeks the water has reached 23 degrees. Considering that the water temperature usually reaches a max of 25 degrees around El Hierro, this year may be one of the warmest in recent years as the temperature continues to climb until September.

We have had more reports of Mantas spotted on dives and also we recieved news from a local fisherman that he saw a Hammerhead shark swimming on the surface close to shore. Nobody has had the luck to spot one diving yet this recent sighting sounds promising.

To top it off last Sunday a number of Dive Centres here in La Restinga saw a family of Pilot Whales swiming just outside Reserve of Mar de las Calmas. Some friends at one centre even managed to jump into the water and get close enough to take some photos of these beautiful creatures. What an experience!