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Diving with Hammerhead sharks!

May 23, 2014

Past saturday 10th of may, who dived with Arrecifal, will never forget that dive!

ImageAt the very beginning of the dive, near the buoy and about 14 mts depth, we were surprised by a hammerhead shark (Sphyrna zygaena) of considerable size that far from swimming away from the divers, swam amongst us without any problem. It was coming from our right at the same depth, Carlos was leading with 2 divers and the other 6 were a bit behind, so he thought they were going to miss it.Image The shark crossed the first group very close and from right to left, when suddenly turned and swam near the group  that was behind. It swam around the group and them passed over their heads. That’s by the time the best shots were taken. Meanwhile and almost simultaneously the group in the front was watching how another hammerhead shark, swiming on the surface about 15 mts above, slowly disappeared from sight. All this happened the first 9 mins of the dive… best gift ever! Thanx Pachamama, definitely a dive never to forget!